Are you tired of mowing in circles around that stump? Or worse, does the mower shop mechanic know you by name?

For a quick, safe and inexpensive way to rid yourself of the "mower mine," try stump grinding. We will turn that eyesore into a pile of mulch in a matter of minutes.

Our stump grinder is self-propelled and will fit through a 36-inch gate. Big enough to tackle any stump but small enough to create minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

We will grind your stump 4 to 6 inches below grade. The pile of shavings can be used as mulch around other plantings. With a little soil and seed, you will struggle to remember you had a stump at all (except for the bent mower blade collection in your garage).

Planting a replacement tree in the same spot is not recommended. A few feet in any direction will be necessary for optimum growth and health.

Other options for stumps:

  • Use it as a planter by setting a pot on top. If the stump is hollow you could fill with soil and plant a cascading plant inside.
  • Makes a good base for a birdbath or feeder.
  • Makes a good home plate for whiffle ball, though a little rough on the close plays.
  • If you are a mycologist, it becomes a great spot for research.
  • If you live in a heavily populated area it can be used to begin your political career (see Abe Lincoln).
  • If cut to a decent height (3 to 6 feet works best) it makes a good landmark. "Yeah, I'm the house with that big old ugly stump in the front."

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