Christian, Derek and Tim Lindsay

Christian, Derek and Tim Lindsay

Mission Statement

As a family-run tree service, our professional team will listen to and care for our customers in order to meet their specific needs. We endeavor to exceed all expectations by applying our knowledge, experience and expertise on every level in every case.


In 1980 my dad, Derek Lindsay, cut down his first tree with an old McCulloch chain saw. It was love at first cut and he couldn't get enough. Saturday mornings just before cartoons were on he would drag my brother and I (Christian) out of bed to come help him. I was six and my brother was nine, and to him that was old enough to carry a log. In those days it was all about firewood. My dad would cut, remember it was love, and my brother and I would split and throw and stack and throw and stack again until we had big muscles, a tan, and lots of cash for gum and baseball cards.  At least those were the benefits he often bribed us with in order to get us out of bed Saturday mornings.

We sold lots and lots of firewood, until one day much later we realized people were willing to pay us to take their trees down. After a while we got so busy taking trees down for money that we gave up selling firewood. We branched out into trimming, and a little later cabling and bracing potential hazard trees. I got my arborist certification in 2002 in order to be better equipped to care for the trees we were in every day. And so here we are in today, performing many aspects of tree care. And it's true, I still have enough left over for a pack of baseball cards.

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